ResElevate utilizes a core set of guiding principles targeting value add development opportunities, where each individual opportunity is viewed with a very intentional approach to maximize value for all stakeholders involved. We oversee the development process from the perspective of an owner and conduct an in-depth market analysis of the risks / rewards, as well as the deployment of capital. While our goal is to meet or exceed the investment objectives, the integrity of the ever-evolving initial mission is unwavering. From inception to completion, our team is involved every step of the way: pre-construction planning, obtaining entitlements, budget development and execution, scheduling, contract procurement, and close-out.

Acquisition / Disposition Consulting
We provide consultancy and advisory services, and optimize our existing network of relationships and resources to maximize the potential return on investment. Our intentional approach allows us to identify business growth strategies, short term and long term goals for our clients and create an acquisition or disposition plan according to those objectives. At the acquisition stage, our team works with engineers, planners, architects, municipalities and land use counsel to entitle the property for it’s intended use.

Brokerage – Marketing and Sales
Marketing and sales for our portfolio is managed from inception to completion. ResElevate is a licensed managing broker in Illinois and engages in strategic partnerships with brokers across the country. These relationships and resources ensure we have a local presence, which is the key attributor to the success of our projects. Strategically, relying on a keen awareness of industry analytics and trends is our key to maximizing market share and optimizing absorption. At the predevelopment phase, our marketing partners work in concert with the architects and designers to craft the property in alignment with current demands.